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Local Area

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Moulin des Forges is located in the beautiful countryside of the Creuse, France. 

The area known for its lakes and scenery is the perfect place to unwind.  

The local village of Moutier Malcard has a small shop, a tabac/cafe/restaurant called Le Marandé


We are also just near the border of the Indre where you can find lots of lovely places to visit associated with the famous George Sand.


The valley of painters between Berry and Limousin is the north of the Creuse valley “Everything ignites the imagination… everything tightens the heart” says George Sand discovering Crozant. This landscape is “so rich that the painter doesn’t know where to stop” she said.

Giant pebbles....a sacrificial altar, Pierres Jaumâtres is a place of legends.

At the summit of Mount Barlot, around 40 enormous granite blocks surge up and lean together at impossible angles.

A great family outing to see, imagine, climb, touch… we also highly recommend the restaurant at this site for drinks, snacks, ice cream and dinner- reservation a must. 

We are happy to recommend places to visit and eat, in our office we have lots of information leaflets.

Clicking the link below will take you to the Creuse tourism site. 

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